TimePicker.ClockIdentifier Property


Gets or sets the clock system to use.

 property Platform::String ^ ClockIdentifier { Platform::String ^ get(); void set(Platform::String ^ value); };
winrt::hstring ClockIdentifier();

void ClockIdentifier(winrt::hstring value);
public string ClockIdentifier { get; set; }
var string = timePicker.clockIdentifier;
timePicker.clockIdentifier = string;
Public Property ClockIdentifier As String
<TimePicker ClockIdentifier="12HourClock"/>
<TimePicker ClockIdentifier="24HourClock"/>

Property Value


The name of the clock system to use. See Remarks.


This example shows time pickers using both 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.

<TimePicker Header="12HourClock" SelectedTime="14:30"/>
<TimePicker Header="24HourClock" SelectedTime="14:30" ClockIdentifier="24HourClock"/>

A time picker showing a 12 hour clock, and a picker showing a 24 hour clock.


The type of the property is String, but you must use values that correspond to the static string properties of Windows.Globalization.ClockIdentifiers. These are: TwelveHour (the string "12HourClock")and TwentyFourHour (the string "24HourClock"). "12HourClock" is the default value.

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