Binding.ConverterParameter Property


Gets or sets a parameter that can be used in the Converter logic.

 property Platform::Object ^ ConverterParameter { Platform::Object ^ get(); void set(Platform::Object ^ value); };
IInspectable ConverterParameter();

void ConverterParameter(IInspectable value);
public object ConverterParameter { get; set; }
var object = binding.converterParameter;
binding.converterParameter = object;
Public Property ConverterParameter As Object
<Binding ConverterParameter="parameter"/>
<Binding ConverterParameter="parameterReference"/>

Property Value



A parameter to be passed to the Converter. This can be used in the conversion logic. The default is null.


Passing parameters to a converter is a relatively advanced and uncommon scenarios. Most converters used for data binding simply type-convert a source object to a desired target type based solely on the characteristics of the source object, and knowing what the intended destination type is for a particular binding scenario.

If a value for ConverterParameter is specified, this value is used for the parameter value when invoking the converter logic. Specifically, this provides the value of the parameter parameter of the Convert or ConvertBack methods of the specific converter that is requested with the Converter property.

You can't set the property values of a Binding object after that binding has been attached to a target element and target property. If you attempt this you'll get a run-time exception.

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