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PointerRoutedEventArgs.GetIntermediatePoints(UIElement) Method


Retrieves a collection of PointerPoint objects that represent the pointer history from the last pointer event up to and including the current pointer event. Each PointerPoint in the collection provides basic info on the pointer associated with the event.The last item in the collection is equivalent to the PointerPoint object returned by GetCurrentPoint.

 virtual IVector<PointerPoint ^> ^ GetIntermediatePoints(UIElement ^ relativeTo) = GetIntermediatePoints;
IVector<PointerPoint> GetIntermediatePoints(UIElement const& relativeTo);
public IList<PointerPoint> GetIntermediatePoints(UIElement relativeTo);
function getIntermediatePoints(relativeTo)
Public Function GetIntermediatePoints (relativeTo As UIElement) As IList(Of PointerPoint)



Provides the context for the pointer data. Can be any UIElement-derived object that is connected to the same object tree. If null, location coordinates are in the context of the app.


The collection of PointerPoint objects corresponding to the pointer history associated with the event. If relativeTo is null, location coordinates are in the context of the app. Otherwise, the coordinates are relative to the object referenced by relativeTo.

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