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TileBrush.AlignmentY Property


Gets or sets the vertical alignment of content in the TileBrush base tile.

 property AlignmentY AlignmentY { AlignmentY get(); void set(AlignmentY value); };
AlignmentY AlignmentY();

void AlignmentY(AlignmentY value);
public AlignmentY AlignmentY { get; set; }
var alignmentY = tileBrush.alignmentY;
tileBrush.alignmentY = alignmentY;
Public Property AlignmentY As AlignmentY
<brush AlignmentY="Top"/>
<brush AlignmentY="Center"/>
<brush AlignmentY="Bottom"/>

Property Value

A value that specifies the vertical position of TileBrush content in its base tile. The default value is Center.

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