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VisualTreeHelper.DisconnectChildrenRecursive(UIElement) Method


Explicitly removes all references from a target UIElement, with the goal of cleaning up reference cycles.

 static void DisconnectChildrenRecursive(UIElement ^ element);
 static void DisconnectChildrenRecursive(UIElement const& element);
public static void DisconnectChildrenRecursive(UIElement element);
function disconnectChildrenRecursive(element)
Public Shared Sub DisconnectChildrenRecursive (element As UIElement)



The target object to disconnect children and remove references from.


This method is not intended for typical app or user code scenarios. Instead, it is intended for scenarios where a visual tree is hosted by some other application, such as a designer or code analysis tool. In most cases the scenario is that the visual tree is being cleared because it is about to be rebuilt based on saved information plus changes.

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