Shape.StrokeLineJoin Property


Gets or sets a PenLineJoin enumeration value that specifies the type of join that is used at the vertices of a Shape.

 property PenLineJoin StrokeLineJoin { PenLineJoin get(); void set(PenLineJoin value); };
PenLineJoin StrokeLineJoin();

void StrokeLineJoin(PenLineJoin value);
public PenLineJoin StrokeLineJoin { get; set; }
var penLineJoin = shape.strokeLineJoin;
shape.strokeLineJoin = penLineJoin;
Public Property StrokeLineJoin As PenLineJoin
<shape StrokeLineJoin="penLineJoinMemberName"/>

Property Value


A value of the PenLineJoin enumeration that specifies the join appearance. The default value is Miter.

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