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HttpBaseProtocolFilter.UseProxy Property


Get or set a value that indicates whether the HttpBaseProtocolFilter can use a proxy for sending HTTP requests.

 property bool UseProxy { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
bool UseProxy();

void UseProxy(bool value);
public bool UseProxy { get; set; }
var boolean = httpBaseProtocolFilter.useProxy;
httpBaseProtocolFilter.useProxy = boolean;
Public Property UseProxy As Boolean

Property Value



A value that indicates whether HttpBaseProtocolFilter can use a proxy to send HTTP requests.

This value is true if HttpBaseProtocolFilter can use a proxy to send requests; otherwise false. The default value is true to allow proxies to be used.


It is possible for this property to be true and a proxy exists, but HttpBaseProtocolFilter still doesn't use the proxy. This can occur depending on WPAD settings and whether the target URI is to an internal versus an external web server.

Many companies require the use of proxies to communicate with HTTP from a local intranet to the Internet.

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