HttpCacheControl.WriteBehavior Property


Get or set the write behavior to use for cache control on the HttpCacheControl object.

 property HttpCacheWriteBehavior WriteBehavior { HttpCacheWriteBehavior get(); void set(HttpCacheWriteBehavior value); };
HttpCacheWriteBehavior WriteBehavior();

void WriteBehavior(HttpCacheWriteBehavior value);
public HttpCacheWriteBehavior WriteBehavior { get; set; }
var httpCacheWriteBehavior = httpCacheControl.writeBehavior;
httpCacheControl.writeBehavior = httpCacheWriteBehavior;
Public Property WriteBehavior As HttpCacheWriteBehavior

Property Value

The read behavior to use for cache control.


The WriteBehavior property on the HttpCacheControl object allows an app to get or set the write cache behavior to use on the HttpBaseProtocolFilter object. Content returned by HTTP requests can be written to the local HTTP cache.

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