Specifies a directory that is excluded from file system virtualization.


This element requires the unvirtualizedResources restricted capability.

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  This element is a case-insensitive string that must start with "$(KnownFolder:<known folder name>)<path to excluded directory>" where "known folder name" specifies one of the known folders under the AppData directory. The rest of the string is the relative path to the excluded directory. For example, "$(KnownFolder:LocalAppData)\Fabrikam\Shared".

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Parent elements

Parent element Description
virtualization:ExcludedDirectories Specifies the list of directories that are excluded from file system virtualization.


This element requires the unvirtualizedResources restricted capability.

For the list of known directories that can be specified for this element, see KNOWNFOLDERID. The folder name specified in the schema syntax is the constant value with the FOLDERID_ token removed from the string. For example, for the constant FOLDERID_AccountPictures, the known folder name is AccountPictures.

The following list contains the list of allowed known folder names, current as of this writing.

  • AccountPictures
  • AdminTools
  • AppDataDesktop
  • AppDataDocuments
  • AppDataFavorites
  • AppDataProgramData
  • ApplicationShortcuts
  • CDBurning
  • Cookies
  • GameTasks
  • History
  • ImplicitAppShortcuts
  • InternetCache
  • Libraries
  • LocalAppData
  • LocalAppDataLow
  • NetHood
  • OriginalImages
  • PrintHood
  • Programs
  • QuickLaunch
  • Recent
  • Ringtones
  • RoamingAppData
  • RoamedTileImages
  • RoamingTiles
  • SearchHistory
  • SearchTemplates
  • SendTo
  • SidebarParts
  • StartMenu
  • Startup
  • Templates
  • UserPinned
  • UserProgramFiles
  • UserProgramFilesCommon


Item Value
Minimum OS Version Windows 10 (Build 20348)