Specifies a badge's value or glyph.

Element hierarchy



<badge value    = "1-99" | "none" | "activity" | "alert" | "alarm" | "available" | ...
       version? = integer />


?   optional (zero or one)

Attributes and Elements


Attribute Description Data type Required Default value

Either a numeric value or a string value that specifies a predefined badge glyph. Numerically, this value can accept any valid integer. A value of 0 clears the badge, values from 1-99 display as given, and any value greater than 99 displays as 99+.

This attribute can be set to an integer or have one of the following values:

  • none
  • activity
  • alert
  • alarm
  • available
  • away
  • busy
  • newMessage
  • paused
  • playing
  • unavailable
  • error
  • attention
Yes None

The version of the badge XML schema this particular payload was developed for.

integer No 1


Child Elements


Parent Elements

This outermost (document) element may not be contained by any other elements.


This table shows the available status glyphs.

Status Glyph XML
none No badge shown <badge value="none"/>
activity the activity badge; two circling arrows <badge value="activity"/>
alarm the alarm badge <badge value="alarm"/>
alert the alert badge <badge value="alert"/>
attention the attention badge; an exclamation point <badge value="attention"/>
available the available badge; a green dot <badge value="available"/>
away the away badge; a yellow dot <badge value="away"/>
busy the busy badge; a red dot <badge value="busy"/>
error the error badge; an x <badge value="error"/>
newMessage the new mail badge; an envelope <badge value="newMessage"/>
paused the paused badge <badge value="paused"/>
playing the playing badge <badge value="playing"/>
unavailable the unavailable badge; a gray dot <badge value="unavailable"/>


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