Tile schema

These elements are used to define a tile update, and specify the template, images, and text that are used to customize the tile, branding specifics, and language information.

These elements and their attributes are manipulated through Document Object Model (DOM) functions to customize the tile content.

To define the initial content for a non-default tile, use TileUpdateManager.getTemplateContent to get template content that can be modified.

To define the content for an update to an existing non-default tile, you can use TileNotification.content to get the existing tile content that can then be modified.

These elements can also be assigned through use of the NotificationsExtensions library helper functions.

The following table lists all of the elements in this schema, sorted alphabetically by name.

Element Description

Specifies the tile template. Every notification should include one binding element for each supported tile size.


Specifies an image used in the tile template. The supplied image should match the size and shape requirements for the specific template or image within that template.


Specifies text used in the tile template.


Base tile element, which contains a single visual element.


Contains multiple binding child elements, each of which defines a tile.