image (Toast XML Schema)

Specifies an image used in the toast template.

Element hierarchy



<image id             = integer
       src            = string
       alt?           = string
       addImageQuery? = boolean 
       placement? = "appLogoOverride" | "hero"
       hint-crop? = "circle" />


?   optional (zero or one)

Attributes and Elements


Attribute Description Data type Required Default value

Set to "true" to allow Windows to append a query string to the image URI supplied in the toast notification. Use this attribute if your server hosts images and can handle query strings, either by retrieving an image variant based on the query strings or by ignoring the query string and returning the image as specified without the query string. This query string specifies scale, contrast setting, and language; for instance, a value of


given in the notification becomes


boolean No false

A description of the image, for users of assistive technologies.

string No None

The image element in the toast template that this image is intended for. If a template has only one image, then this value is 1. The number of available image positions is based on the template definition.

integer Yes None

The URI of the image source, using one of these protocol handlers:

  • http:// or https://

    A web-based image.

  • ms-appx:///

    An image included in the app package.

  • ms-appdata:///local/

    An image saved to local storage.

  • file:///

    A local image. (Supported only for desktop apps. This protocol cannot be used by UWP apps.)

string Yes None

The placement of the image.

  • "appLogoOverride" - The image replaces your app's logo in the toast notification.
  • "hero" - The image is displayed as a hero image.

For more information, see Toast content.

string No None

The cropping of the image.

  • "circle" - The image is cropped into a circle.
  • Unspecified - The image is not cropped and displayed as a square.

For more information, see Toast content.

string No None


Child Elements


Parent Elements

Parent Element Description

Specifies the toast template. Note that only one binding element can be included in a toast notification.

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