MSR Access


// Context data for an exit caused by an MSR access (WHvRunVpExitReasonX64MSRAccess)
typedef union WHV_X64_MSR_ACCESS_INFO
        UINT32 IsWrite : 1;
        UINT32 Reserved : 31;

    UINT32 AsUINT32;

typedef struct WHV_X64_MSR_ACCESS_CONTEXT
    // MSR access info
    WHV_X64_MSR_ACCESS_INFO AccessInfo;
    UINT32 MsrNumber;
    UINT64 Rax;
    UINT64 Rdx;

Return Value

Information about exits caused by the virtual processor accessing a model specific register (MSR) using the RDMSR or WRMSR instructions is provided in the WHV_X64_MSR_ACCESS_CONTEXT structure. 

Exits for MSR accesses are only generated if they are enabled by setting the WHV_EXTENDED_VM_EXITS.MsrExit property for the partition.