The HvCallModifyVtlProtectionMask hypercall modifies the VTL protections applied to an existing set of GPA pages.


   _In_ HV_PARTITION_ID TargetPartitionId,
   _In_ HV_MAP_GPA_FLAGS MapFlags,
   _In_ HV_INPUT_VTL TargetVtl,
   _In_reads(PageCount) HV_GPA_PAGE_NUMBER GpaPageList

A VTL can only place protections on a lower VTL.

Any attempt to apply VTL protections on non-RAM ranges will fail with HV_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER.

Call Code

0x000C (Rep)

Input Parameters

Name Offset Size Information Provided
TargetPartitionId 0 8 Supplies the partition ID of the partition this request is for.
MapFlags 8 4 Specifies the new mapping flags to apply.
TargetVtl 12 1 Specified the target VTL.
RsvdZ 13 3

Input List Element

Name Offset Size Information Provided
GpaPageList 0 8 Supplies the pages to be protected.