Parent element

The parent of a button or combo box may only be a group. The parent of a menu or group may be any other menu or group. In a CommandPlacement element, this element is required; in all other instances it is optional. If this element is omitted, the parent of Group_Undefined:0 will be implied.


<Parent guid="guidMyCommandSet" id="MyParentGroupOrMenu" />

Attributes and elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Attribute Description
guid Required. GUID of GUID/ID command identifier.
id Required. ID of GUID/ID command identifier.

Child elements


Parent elements

Element Description
CommandTable element Defines all the elements that represent commands that a VSPackage provides to the integrated development environment (IDE). For example, menu items, menus, toolbars, and combo boxes.
Buttons element Groups Button element elements.
Menus element Defines all the menus that a VSPackage implements.
Groups element Contains entries that define the command groups of a VSPackage.

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