UsedCommands Element

The UsedCommands element groups UsedCommand elements and other UsedCommands groupings.

The UsedCommands element is optional. If you do not call commands defined outside your package, you do not have to include this section in your .vsct file.


<UsedCommands condition="Defined(DEBUG)">
  <UsedCommand ... />

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Attribute Description
Condition Optional. See Conditional Attributes.

Child Elements

Element Description
UsedCommand Element The command that is implemented by other code.

Parent Elements

Element Description
CommandTable Element Defines all the elements that represent commands (for example, menu items, menus, toolbars, and combo boxes) that a VSPackage provides to the integrated development environment (IDE).


  <UsedCommand guid="guidVSStd97" id="cmdidCut"/>
  <UsedCommand guid="guidVSStd97" id="cmdidCopy"/>
  <UsedCommand guid="guidVSStd97" id="cmdidPaste"/>

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