/RunExit (devenv.exe)

Applies to: yesVisual Studio noVisual Studio for Mac noVisual Studio Code

Compiles and runs the specified project or solution, and then closes the integrated development environment (IDE).


devenv /RunExit {SolutionName|ProjectName} [/Out OutputFilename]


  • SolutionName

    The full path and name of a solution file.

  • ProjectName

    The full path and name of a project file.

  • /Out OutputFilename

    Optional. The name of a file that you want to send the tool's output to. If the file already exists, the tool appends the output to the end of the file.


Compiles and runs the specified project or solution according to the settings specified for the active solution configuration. This switch minimizes the IDE while the project or solution is run. It closes the IDE after the project or solution has completed running.

  • Enclose strings that include spaces in double quotation marks.

  • Summary information, including errors, can be displayed in the Command window, or in any log file specified with the /Out switch.


This example runs the solution MySolution in a minimized IDE using the active deployment configuration, and then closes the IDE.

devenv /runexit "%USERPROFILE%\source\repos\MySolution\MySolution.sln"

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