Overview of IntelliCode

Visual Studio IntelliCode enhances software development using artificial intelligence, for instance by delivering context-aware code completions. IntelliCode is available through the main installer in Visual Studio and as an extension for Visual Studio Code.

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Install IntelliCode

Before you begin, ensure you have a version of Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code that supports IntelliCode. The minimum requirements are:

  • Visual Studio Code October 2018 Release 1.29 or later
  • Visual Studio 2019 (Release 16.4 or higher, any edition)

The following table contains details about how to obtain IntelliCode for your development environment:

Development environment Installation instructions
Visual Studio Code logo 1. Install Visual Studio Code for Windows, macOS, or Linux.
2. Download the Visual Studio IntelliCode extension from the marketplace, or install it directly from the Extensions view in Visual Studio Code.
3. Reload and wait for dependencies to download and install (see status bar).
Visual Studio 2019 logo 1. Download Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4 or later.
2. Install a supported workload, such as .NET desktop development.
3. Visual Studio IntelliCode is installed by default.

Context-aware code completions

IntelliCode provides AI-assisted IntelliSense in both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. IntelliCode suggestions appear at the top of the completion list with a star icon next to them:

Starred IntelliSense suggestions using IntelliCode in Visual Studio

The completion list suggests the most likely correct API for a developer to use rather than presenting a simple alphabetical list of members. To provide this dynamic list, IntelliCode uses the developer's current code context and patterns based on thousands of highly rated, open-source projects on GitHub. The results form a model that predicts the most likely and most relevant API calls.

C# Whole line completions in Visual Studio C# developers in Visual Studio 2022 and higher also benefit from Whole line completions, which predict the next chunk of your code based on your current code so far, and present it as an inline prediction.

Visual Studio features

Check the overview of IntelliCode for Visual Studio for full details of other features supported for Visual Studio users, such as IntelliCode suggestions.

Supported languages

The supported languages for AI-assisted IntelliSense completions are:

  • C#, C++, XAML, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Visual Basic for Visual Studio.

  • Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and SQL for Visual Studio Code.


We capture some anonymized usage and error-reporting data to help improve IntelliCode. No user-defined code is sent to Microsoft, but we collect information about your use of the IntelliCode results.

For base model suggestions, which are open source or .NET types and members, we capture whether you selected an IntelliCode suggestion and log the name of the suggestion. Microsoft uses the data to monitor the quality of the base model. For custom models, we capture whether you selected an IntelliCode suggestion but don't log the names of your user-defined types or methods.

In Visual Studio, you can opt out of the Visual Studio Experience Improvement Program, which turns off data collection for IntelliCode too. From the menu bar, select Help > Send Feedback > Settings. In the Visual Studio Experience Improvement Program dialog, select No, I would not like to participate and then select OK.

In Visual Studio Code, you can disable telemetry reporting by following these instructions.

IntelliCode may periodically ask you to complete an anonymous survey. You can also sign up for news and updates but you aren't required to do so.

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