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Visual Studio for Mac follows the Microsoft Modern Lifecycle Policy, starting with the date the major product version is released to the world (RTW).

Servicing is performed through "Updates" which are packages of new features and cumulative fixes for existing features in the product.

You are in a 'supported state' as long as:

  • You are using the latest release of the product distributed via the Stable channel.
  • You remain licensed to use the product.
  • Microsoft continues to offer support for this product.


Visual Studio for Mac offers the option to subscribe to Stable and Preview channels. The Stable channel is the only supported channel.

The Preview channel is provided for customers to provide feedback on and receive early previews of pre-release features that are still under development. Software in the Preview channel is not supported.

How to Get Updates

You can get updates by following in-product prompts or by downloading the latest from or

If you choose to switch channels to the Preview channel, then no support is provided on that installation of Visual Studio for Mac.

Support for the Mono Framework

Visual Studio for Mac is created using Mono, an open source development platform based on the .NET Framework sponsored by Microsoft. Our support of Mono extends only to the Visual Studio for Mac product, but not to any projects you might create within Visual Studio for Mac using the Mono Framework.

Example 1: If there is a bug in Visual Studio for Mac resulting from use of the Mono Framework, we may support you with a fix or workaround to get Visual Studio for Mac working again.

Example 2: You are developing an application utilizing the Mono Framework and encounter an issue in Mono which is causing your application to behave in an unexpected fashion. Microsoft will not provide any fixes or workarounds to you or make any fixes to the Mono Framework as a result.

For more assistance with Mono, please visit the Mono Project community landing page.

Components not Covered by Visual Studio Servicing

Visual Studio for Mac includes a collection of compilers, languages, runtimes, environments, and other resources or tools that enable development for many platforms. These components may be installed with Visual Studio for Mac but are subject to their own license and support and lifecycles policies.

In addition to components, Visual Studio for Mac also uses several projects and project item templates. The support for these templates is governed by the component that provides those templates.

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