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Visual Studio 2022 version 17.5 Preview Releases

Visual Studio 2022 Blog

The Visual Studio 2022 Blog is the official source of product insight from the Visual Studio Engineering Team. You can find in-depth information about the Visual Studio 2022 releases in the following posts:

Developer Community Highlights

17.5.0-pre.1.0 Visual Studio 2022 version 17.5 Preview 1

released November 8th, 2022

Summary of What's New in this Release of Visual Studio 2022 version 17.5 Preview 1


  • Made several improvements to IntelliSense macro expansion. Notably, we enabled recursive expansion in more contexts, and we added options to the pop up to copy the expansion to the clipboard or expand the macro inline.
  • Concurrent monitoring is now supported in the Serial Monitor. Concurrent monitoring allows you to monitor multiple ports at the same time, side by side! Simply press the plus button in order to open another Serial Monitor and get started.
  • You can now view properties from base classes modified in an Unreal Blueprint asset without leaving Visual Studio. Double-click in a Blueprint reference for a C++ class or property to open the UE Asset Inspector in Visual Studio.
  • Enabled running DevContainers on a remote Linux machine.
  • Enabled selection of multiple targets to build in the CMake Targets view.
  • Added support for CMakePresets.json version 5. See the CMake documentation for information of new features.
  • Enabled Test Explorer to build and test multiple CMake targets in parallel.

Code Search and Navigation

  • We are continuing to improve the performance and relevancy of results in the All-In-One Search experience (Ctrl+Q for feature search, Ctrl+T for code search).
  • You can enable All-In-One Search: Tools > Manage Preview Features > "New Visual Studio Search experience (restart required)".

Git Tooling

  • The Repository Picker in the status bar now has an active section to easily distinguish which repos are active in multi-repo scenarios.
  • Get started with GitHub in Visual Studio with a new Learning Series


  • Visual Studio now supports editing Markdown (.md) files.
  • To get started, open any file with a .md file extension.
  • Preview the processed HTML with the Preview button at the top left of the editor window. Shift+F7 can also be used to open the Preview. Use Ctrl+Alt+Up to move keyboard focus to the Preview button and press space bar to toggle the preview.

Debugging and Diagnostics

  • The Managed Memory window will now show new auto insight for snapshots/dumps called Duplicate strings.
  • The new tab ”Insights” in Managed Memory window will show the list of strings that get allocated multiple times on the heap. Along with the total wasted memory i.e. number of instances minus one time the size of the string.


  • You can also go to instances by clicking “View Instances” button which shows a similar instance view as of the Memory window. It also shows the retention graph for the string objects.


All-In-One Search Updates

  • With the new search experience, you can search both code and Visual Studio features in one spot.

ASP.NET Output in the Integrated Terminal

  • ASP.NET Core applications launched in Visual Studio now redirect output to the Integrated Terminal Tool Window instead of an external console Window.

Colorize Tabs By Regular Expression

  • Visually distinguish different files based on path-matching rules you define.

Edit Markdown Files

  • Edit Markdown files directly in Visual Studio.

Quick Add new files

  • Add new files to your projects without searching for a template.

Build container images without a Dockerfile

  • With .NET 7, it is now possible to build and publish container images using just the .NET SDK. You do not need a Dockerfile and you can target any .NET runtime you want, including previous versions.

SQL Server 2022

  • Use new T-SQL syntax introduced for SQL Server 2022

Windows authentication broker

  • Get enhanced security and fewer prompts by enabling the Windows authentication broker.

Feedback and suggestions

We would love to hear from you! You can Report a Problem or Suggest a Feature Feedback Icon by using the Send Feedback icon in the upper right-hand corner of either the installer or the Visual Studio IDE, or from Help > Send Feedback. You can track your issues by using Visual Studio Developer Community, where you add comments or find solutions. You can also get free installation help through our Live Chat support.


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