Visual Studio subscriptions with GitHub Enterprise

Customers who have Enterprise Agreements (EA) with Microsoft are eligible to purchase a new subscription offer that brings together Visual Studio standard subscriptions and GitHub Enterprise. It's an easy and economical way for Visual Studio subscribers to acquire GitHub Enterprise.

  • Innovate at scale with Visual Studio and GitHub by securely bringing open source code, community, and best practices into your IDE and workflows.
  • Use best-in-class development tools and services for developers with the most comprehensive set of resources to create, deploy, and manage great applications.
  • Collaborate and manage "pull requests" on GitHub Enterprise and review source code where it was written - in the editor.

What's available?

The following options are available:

  • Visual Studio Enterprise with GitHub Enterprise
  • Visual Studio Professional with GitHub Enterprise

Visual Studio Enterprise, Visual Studio Professional, and GitHub Enterprise continue to be available separately.

To learn more about benefits and options, visit

What is the Visual Studio subscription with GitHub Enterprise setup process?

Visual Studio subscriptions with GitHub Enterprise are managed in two parts:

  1. The Visual Studio subscription (Enterprise or Professional)
  2. GitHub Enterprise

When you're assigned a Visual Studio subscription with GitHub Enterprise, you receive an email letting you know that your Visual Studio subscriptions admin has assigned a subscription to you. At that point, you can view available subscription benefits at The GitHub Enterprise benefit looks like this:

GitHub Enterprise pending Enterprise account setup

GitHub Enterprise is managed by a GitHub admin separately from Visual Studio subscriptions. When your company has set up a GitHub Enterprise account, you receive an email from GitHub notifying you that your Visual Studio subscription has been linked and the benefit tile is updated as seen below. Setting up this account may take some time and is dependent on your company completing the setup process. After you receive the email, you can reach out to the appropriate GitHub organization admin to request an invitation to their organization and/or repo.

GitHub Enterprise pending GitHub invitation

When your GitHub organization admin sends an invitation, you receive an email from GitHub and the benefit tile is updated again:

GitHub Enterprise pending invitation acceptance

After you accept the GitHub organization invitation, the status shown on the tile changes from "Pending" to "Activated".

GitHub Enterprise activated

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where is my GitHub subscription?

A: The process for setting up a GitHub Enterprise account can take a while. If you've been waiting and haven't heard anything, you may want to reach out to your GitHub admin. It's possible that your admin is still working on it or has elected not to create a GitHub Enterprise account.

Q: Do I get the full Visual Studio subscription benefits?

A: Yes. Along with GitHub Enterprise, you receive all of the benefits of a standard Visual Studio subscription including software downloads, cloud services, technical support, and partner benefits as if the subscription was purchased separately.

Q: Is GitHub Enterprise included in subscriptions purchased in all channels?

No. GitHub Enterprise is currently available to organizations who purchase using Enterprise Agreements.

Support resources

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  • Find answers to questions on a wide array of GitHub topics at GitHub Help.
  • Need more help? Contact GitHub Support
  • Get help from other GitHub users in the GitHub Community Forum.
  • For assistance with sales, subscriptions, accounts, and billing for Visual Studio Subscriptions, visit our Get Help page.
  • Have a question about Visual Studio IDE, Azure DevOps Services or other Visual Studio products or services? Visit Visual Studio Support.
  • Get technical support for GitHub Enterprise.

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