Debug and analyze unit tests with Test Explorer

Applies to: yesVisual Studio noVisual Studio for Mac noVisual Studio Code

You can use Test Explorer to start a debugging session for your tests. Stepping through your code with the Visual Studio debugger seamlessly takes you back and forth between the unit tests and the project under test. To start debugging:

  1. In the Visual Studio editor, set a breakpoint in one or more test methods that you want to debug.


    Because test methods can run in any order, set breakpoints in all the test methods that you want to debug.

  2. In Test Explorer, select the test method(s) and then choose Debug on the right-click menu.

    Test execution details

    For more information, about the debugger, see Debug in Visual Studio.

Diagnose test method performance issues

To diagnose why a test method is taking too much time, select the method in Test Explorer and then choose Profile on the right-click menu. See Instrumentation profiling report.


This feature is not currently supported for .NET Core.

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