Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption community in Viva Engage (Private Preview)


This feature is currently available only for private preview customers. The features described here are subject to change.

Network admins and corporate communicators can now enable a new type of Viva Engage community specifically built to support adoption of Microsoft 365 Copilot. The Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption community makes it easier for users to ask questions, seek support from peers and IT admins, and learn best practices for Copilot.

A discoverable banner in the home feed provides access for network admins and corporate communicators who have setup privileges for this feature.


The Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption community is only available in Viva Engage premium on tenants that have Microsoft 365 Copilot licenses through one of the following service plans: Microsoft Copilot with Graph-grounded chat, Microsoft 365 Copilot in Productivity App, or Microsoft 365 Copilot in Microsoft Teams.

Screenshot shows access point for the Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption community.

This new community type includes onboarding prompts and a community template.

Screenshot shows the landing page where you can create the Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption community.

Accept community presets for easy setup

Setup follows the same process as any other community. However, this templatized community removes much of the work for setup and ongoing community management. Upon creation, the community includes a cover photo, description, and onboarding checklist right out of the box. Admins can customize the community however needed.


To create this community, Microsoft 365 Copilot licenses must be present on the tenant. However, those licenses don't need to be assigned to the network admin or corporate communicator who's setting up the community.

Screenshot shows what Copilot adoption community page looks like.

Explore tools to build membership, content, and engagement

The Copilot community experience includes the following features to help drive engagement. After the community is set up, most features can be disabled as needed.

  • Suggested content offers a quick way to introduce Copilot capabilities and has various quick tips and tricks available for members. All content is editable prior to posting. The suggested content here aligns with content you'll find in the Viva Amplify communications campaign, available through the Copilot Deployment Kit. Learn more here.

    Screenshot shows suggested content that is generated on the Copilot adoption community page=.

  • Conversation Starters help drive engagement between community members. Conversation starters for this community can't be edited initially, but they can be turned off in the Community settings.

  • Copilot writing assistance can help members write their posts. Availability for the Copilot writing assistant is controlled at the network level.

  • Top questions raise visibility of the most common questions, helping users quickly see the answers they need. Top questions appear in the right sidebar for quick reference.

  • Membership suggestion dynamically grows your community by suggesting new members as your organization allots or assigns Microsoft 365 Copilot licenses. This helps community admins bring the right people into the community to learn and share.

    Screenshot of suggested members who have been issued a Microsoft 365 Copilot license.

Fuel your Copilot adoption community with information resources

To help the community grow, upskill, and share knowledge, the Copilot adoption community admin can upload FAQs and other informational documents into the community through the Answers Intelligent Importer. Intelligent Importer leverages AI to generate question-and-answer pairs from the imported content, which you can review, edit, and then post. Learn how to use Intelligent Importer.

Screenshot shows how AI turns your documents into a list of questions and answers that you can edit and import.

Features available by Viva Engage role

To access these community features, admins and users must have either a Viva Suite license or a Communications & Communities license.

Role Features
Network admins
  • Home feed banner for setup
  • Network admin settings page banner
  • Community creation flow
Corporate communicators
  • Home feed banner for setup
  • Community creation flow
Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption Community admin
  • Preset banner and thumbnail image
  • Community setup checklist
  • Suggested content
  • Suggested members
  • Intelligent importer
Community members
  • Top Q&A
  • Conversation starters
  • Copilot writing assistance


Will I see this feature in my network?

The banner in the home feed shows for all network admins and corporate communicators in Viva Engage tenants with Microsoft 365 Copilot licenses.

Can I connect to an existing community that we've already set up for Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption?

There's no way to connect communities at this time.

Will these features be available for other communities?

The ability to customize communities based on business objectives is being considered. Keep an eye on the public roadmap for more updates and dates.