Manage Viva Engage with Microsoft Intune

When you subscribe to Microsoft Intune, you can use mobile application management (MAM) with Viva Engage along with other apps. MAM allows you to manage and protect data in an app on a device even if it is not enrolled in mobile device management (MDM).

Manage Viva Engage with MAM

Microsoft Intune provides mobile application management (MAM) capabilities for Viva Engage, Outlook, and other Microsoft mobile apps for iOS and Android.

This feature is especially helpful for organizations where devices and apps are used for both work and personal use and the device is not enrolled in MDM. When using Viva Engage with Intune, you can set up policies that apply to the Viva Engage app on Android and iOS devices to help protect your corporate data. For example, you can do the following:

Intune policy you can enforce on the app Available for Android? Available for iOS?
Allow apps to transfer data to other apps. Yes Yes
Allow apps to receive data from other apps. Yes Yes
Prevent "Save As". Yes Yes
Prevent iTunes and iCloud backups. No Yes
Prevent Android backups. Yes No
Restrict cut, copy, and paste with other apps. Yes Yes
Restrict web content to display in the Intune Managed Browser. Yes Yes
Encrypt app data. Yes Yes
Disable contacts sync. Yes Yes
Require PIN for access, and set specific requirements such as PIN length and number of allowed tries. Yes Yes
Allow use of fingerprint instead of PIN. Yes Yes
Require corporate credentials for access. Yes Yes
Block managed apps from running on jailbroken or rooted devices. Yes Yes
The frequency of how often the access requirements are checked. Yes Yes
Block screen capture and Android Assistant. Yes No
When you retire or un-enroll a device with the Viva Engage app, the application's corporate data are deleted. Yes Yes


Intune MAM policies are enforced when users authenticate to Viva Engage through Microsoft Entra ID accounts and sign-in. They're not enforced when users authenticate to Viva Engage with Viva Engage-specific passwords or Viva Engage temporary passwords.