Setting up Viva Engage

Set up licensing for Viva Engage

If a user is enabled for Yammer, they are also enabled to use Viva Engage. Viva Engage is included as a part of the existing Yammer license. This is unchanged from the Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams that Viva Engage replaces.

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Configure and review privacy and security settings

The Yammer admininstrator can manage the content in Yammer and Viva Engage. Privacy and security controls from Yammer are shared with Viva Engage.

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Installing Viva Engage

Install the Viva Engage app for yourself in Teams

  1. Open Teams on the web or in a desktop client.

  2. Go to the left side of Teams and select Apps.

  3. Search for Viva Engage.

  4. Select the Viva Engage app, and then select Add. This will add the app to all your Teams clients, including mobile. Or, select Viva Engage here to find and add the Viva Engage app. You can use the link ( to share the app with others in your organization.

Note: If you don't see Viva Engage in the available apps, check with your Teams admin. They might have renamed the app.

Install the Viva Engage app for your organization

The Microsoft Teams admin can choose to deploy and pin the app for all users or for particular departments through a Teams app setup policy.

Customize the appearance for Viva Engage in the Teams store

You can customize the appear for the following properties of the Viva Engage app in the Teams app store:

  • app name
  • app descrption
  • app icons
  • accent color

Customizing the Viva Engage app is perfect for companies that have given their network custom branding to fit their corporate identity.

Note: Currently, this won't affect the Viva Engage app branding shown in the app within the Viva Engage Experience.

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Configure your Yammer network

Review the contents in the Yammer & Viva Engage Adoption site to help you get started, train and engage your organization, build champions, and secure your enviornment.

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