Set up Viva Engage

To set up Microsoft Viva Engage, you must have Microsoft 365 Global administrator or Engage administrator permissions.

Set up licensing for Viva Engage

Core experience

As a foundational component of Microsoft Viva Engage, the Core Service Plan provides essential features and capabilities to enhance engagement and collaboration within your organization.

  • If you don't enforce Viva Engage licensing, users can access the Viva Engage Core experience.

  • If you do enforce Viva Engage licensing, users can still access the Viva Engage Core experience. However, each user must be assigned:

    • a Microsoft 365 license, and
    • a Viva Engage Core Service Plan (or Yammer Enterprise Service Plan)

Premium experience

Your organization can enjoy premium Viva Engage experiences if your tenant owns either of these plans:

  • Microsoft Viva Suite
  • Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities


Administrators do not need a premium Viva Engage license to configure premium Viva Engage and Answers experiences. Learn more about managing licenses in Microsoft 365.

Service plan Enables Comes with this product
Viva Engage Core Engage core experiences and the Answers in Viva core experiences
Example: Communities, storyline
Microsoft 365
Viva Employee Communities and Communications Engage premium experiences
Example: Leadership corner, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), storyline announcements, delegation, analytics, campaigns
Microsoft Viva Suite
Viva Engage Knowledge Answers in Viva premium experience Microsoft Viva Suite

Configure and review privacy and security settings

The Engage administrator (Yammer administrator) can manage Viva Engage content and security settings. For details, see Overview of security & compliance for Viva Engage.

Set up Viva Engage

Where you set up Viva Engage is a matter of preference. Global and Engage admins (Yammer administrators in Microsoft Entra ID) can use the Microsoft 365 admin center for initial setup. The Engage admin center provides most Viva Engage settings and customization options.

From the Microsoft 365 admin center, you can:

Install Viva Engage

Install Viva Engage in Teams

The Microsoft Teams admin can use setup policies to deploy and pin the app for multiple users. To add the app to all your Teams clients, follow these steps:

  1. Open Teams on the web or in a desktop client.

  2. From the left side of Teams, select Apps.

  3. Search for Viva Engage.

  4. Select the Viva Engage app, and then select Add. The app is added to all your Teams clients, including mobile.

Install or access Viva Engage on other surfaces

You can run Viva Engage on different surfaces. To give users the greatest number of options, share the following resources:

Customize the appearance for Viva Engage in the Teams store

You can customize the appearance for the following properties of the Viva Engage app in the Teams app store:

  • app name
  • app description
  • app icons
  • accent color

Customizing the Viva Engage app is a good choice for companies that tailor their network branding to fit their corporate identity.


Currently, customizations don't affect the Viva Engage app branding that appears within the Viva Engage Experience. To learn more, see Customize details of an app.

Support adoption of Viva Engage

Review the contents of the Viva Engage Adoption page to help you get started, train and engage your organization, build champions, and secure your environment.

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