Restrict organization creation permissions

As a Global Admin, you can control who can create organizations in your tenant for Viva Goals. There are three options you can choose from while setting the organization creation permissions.

  1. Anyone in your tenant
  2. Only Global Administrators
  3. Specific users or groups


Irrespective of the option you choose, Global Admins will always have permission to create organizations.

Anyone in your tenant

When you select this option, any licensed Viva Goals user, in addition to the global admins, will have permission to create organizations in your Viva Goals tenant.

Only global administrators

Selecting this option enables you to restrict organization creation permission to only the global admins.

Restricting organization creation permissions to only global admins is a safe option as there won’t be any confusion regarding who created an organization and why.

Specific users or groups

If you have a specific set of users or groups you want to grant access to, you can enter the names of those users or groups.

This Specific users or groups option is useful when you wish to add specific people such as the C-suite or any top-level leadership to provide them the access to create organizations.

How to set organization creation permissions

  1. Log in to your Viva Goals account.

  2. If you've directly landed in the Create or join organizations page, jump to step 3. If you land in an organization’s landing page (My OKR page), select the organization selection dropdown from the navigation panel on the left.

    Screenshot showing where to select the correct organization in Viva Goals.

  3. Select Create or join organization.

    Screenshot that shows the select, create, or join organization from the dropdown.

  4. In Create or join organizations page, select Settings in the top right corner.

    Screenshot that shows the select settings button to set the organization creation restrictions.

  5. A menu with the three org creation permissions will appear.

    Screenshot that shows the menu with the organization creation permissions options.

  6. Choose the appropriate option and select Save. If you have selected Specific users or groups, enter the names of those users or a group (you can select only one group) and select Save.

    Screenshot that shows the search and enter special group or users to provide the organization creation access menu.