Smartsheet integration

The Viva Goals Smartsheet integration lets you link objectives and key results (OKRs) to Smartsheet cells for real-time progress updates. For example, say you use a sales sheet to track revenue. With Smartsheet integration, you can save yourself the hassle of going back and forth between your sheets and Viva Goals to update your progress. Viva Goals will sync the values for you, saving time while keeping your OKRs current.


  1. Go to the Viva Goals’ integrations page: Admin > Integrations.

    Screenshot of the integrations page in Viva Goals.

  2. Enable the Smartsheet Integration.

    Screenshot shows where you enable Smartsheet in Viva Goals.

  3. Select New Connection. In the dialog that appears, follow the steps to sign in to Smartsheet.

    Screenshot shows where you opt to add a new Smartsheet connection in Viva Goals.

  4. Name your connection and select Next to complete setup.

    Screenshot shows where you name your new Smartsheet connection.

    Viva Goals lets you connect with multiple Smartsheet accounts. Select New connection to add another instance. You use names to differentiate connections. The names are displayed to users when they link their OKRs to Smartsheet cells.


    All connections are publicly available to everyone in the organization.

    You can disable the integration at any time from the Change dropdown.

    Screenshot shows where you disable Smartsheet in Viva Goals.

How to use Smartsheet integration

Now that the integration is enabled, your team can link a Smartsheet cell with an OKR.

  1. When you add or edit an objective or key result, select track by KPI.


    At this time, you can only track by key performance indicator (KPI), not percentage completed, with Smartsheet integration.

    Screenshot shows where you select Smartsheet as your data source.

  2. In the dialog, indicate the cell you want to link the metric with. Select view to preview your sheet.

    Screenshot shows where you identify the worksheet, column, and row to link your metric with.

  3. Select Next to finish and save your OKR. You should now see an icon next to the OKR. The OKR will sync automatically every hour. To refresh it manually, select refresh.