Power BI dashboard demos

The following are interactive demonstrations of the Power BI dashboards available for Viva Insights. These demos use sample data to show what you can expect to see for your organization with templates.

Business communication icon. Business continuity demo
Shows example insights into how shifting to remote work has impacted business.
Manager effectiveness icon. Manager effectiveness demo
Shows analysis to measure behaviors and trends of people managers across four key themes within your organization, including coaching, empowerment, connecting, and modeling.
Microsoft Teams insights icon. Microsoft Teams insights demo
Shows sample data for insights into how adopting Microsoft Teams can affect collaboration and productivity in your organization.
Return to work icon. Return to worksites demo
Shows how to plan who returns to work, and when, where, and how they do for the different work locations.
Sales business continuity icon. Sales business continuity demo
Shows sample insights into how shifting to remote work has impacted your sales organization.
Sales effectiveness icon. Sales effectiveness
Shows how your sales employees collaborate with external parties. With CRM data uploaded, this report can provide advanced insights about your employees’ interactions with CRM accounts.
Ways of working assessment icon. Ways of working assessment demo
Shows a quick and easy way to see current collaboration behaviors and culture and insights into employee wellbeing and engagement in your organization.
Ways of working tracker icon. Ways of working tracker demo
Shows how you can track behavior change and target opportunities to improve employee wellbeing, meeting culture, and manager effectiveness.
Wellbeing icon. Wellbeing demo
Shows insights into employee wellbeing across your company and uncovers opportunities to improve focus, work-life balance, flexibility, and a sense of community at work.
Behavior patterns icon. Behavior patterns demo
Combines behavioral data from Viva Insights and sentiment data from Glint for insights that help identify opportunities to influence behavior and improve business outcomes.