Learn about topics in Microsoft Viva Topics

How do you find the people and resources important to your work? When you share important files with others, are they able to find them again later, when they need them? Viva Topics provides new ways to discover and explore information from your content in Microsoft 365.

Viva Topics empowers you to:

  • Discover important topics highlighted in content.

  • Find people and content connected to important topics.

  • Improve the network by adding topic definitions, editing connections, and more.

As you read content stored in Microsoft 365, topics will be highlighted inline. When you hover over the topic name, you’ll see more information shown in a topic card. You might see a prompt to provide feedback on topic cards and topic pages. When you give feedback on topics, you improve the experience for yourself and others.

Topics will introduce topic highlights gradually across the service. At first, you’ll see highlights in SharePoint news and pages.

Find people and content connected to important topics

Topic cards provide a summary of the information on a topic. The description, people, and resources shown might have been automatically identified. Select the topic name to see the full information on the topic, including the associated people and resources.

Only the resources that have been shared with you will be shown to you. Others might see a different summary or might not see the topic highlighted if the resources haven't been shared with them.

Improve the network by adding topic definitions, editing connections, and more

Topic pages provide the full detail on a topic and can be curated by anyone designated by your organization. While the topic card shows only two people and resources, you’ll see the full list on the topic page. Edit the page to improve the description or update the connections to people and resources. While everyone can provide feedback to improve the network, your organization might restrict who can edit topics directly. Only people who the resources have been shared with will see the topics and resources.

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