Move a Cloud PC

By editing a provisioning policy, you can move existing Cloud PCs from their current region or Azure network connection (ANC) to a new one.

The best time to perform moves is over the weekend to make sure the impact to users is minimized. Cloud PCs are shut down during the move process, so you should notify your users before the move so that they can save their work and sign out.

New Cloud PCs created by the edited provisioning policy are assigned to the new region or ANC.

Move a Cloud PC

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center, select Devices > Windows 365 (under Provisioning) > Provisioning policies > select a policy.

  2. Under General, select Edit.

  3. Under Join type details, make changes depending on the original type:

    • For Hybrid Microsoft Entra Join, change the ANC*.

    • For Microsoft Entra Join:

      • You can change Network type from ANC to Microsoft hosted network, or vice versa.
      • If a Microsoft hosted network is used, change the Geography and/or Region.
      • If an Azure network connection is used, change the ANC*.
  4. Select Next > Update.

  5. When ready to move the existing Cloud PCs, select Apply region change to existing Cloud PCs.

* The domain defined in the new ANC must match that of the Cloud PCs that you want to move. The domain used in the original ANC must be reachable from the new ANC.

All Cloud PCs provisioned after these changes are created in the new region.

Move process

  1. All Cloud PCs in the move are backed up before being moved to the new region. This backup, which can take some time, can begin while the user is signed in and active.

  2. After the backup is complete, the Cloud PC is shut down.

  3. The Cloud PC is moved. During this time, which can take several hours, the Cloud PC is inaccessible.

    • During the move, you can view the status in the All Cloud PCs list. The move is complete when the status indicates Provisioned.
  4. After the move is complete, users can sign in.

If an error occurs, you retry the move.

Next steps

Manage your Cloud PCs.