Set up virtualization-based workloads support

Virtualization-based workloads let customers use the following systems on their Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs:

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
  • Windows Subsystem for Android
  • Sandbox
  • Hyper-V


To use virtualization-based workloads, the Cloud PC must meet these requirements:

  • 8vCPU/32 Cloud PC (Downsizing to 4vCPU or 2vCPU Cloud PCs will disable nested virtualization)
  • Be in one of these regions (other regions aren't currently supported):
    • US East
    • US East 2
    • US West 3
    • US South central
    • Australia East
    • Europe North
    • Europe West
    • UK South
    • Canada Central
    • India Central
    • Japan East
    • France Central

Set up virtualization-based workloads

  1. If the Cloud PC was provisioned before April 5, 2022, you must reprovision the Cloud PC.
  2. To set up a specific virtualization-based workloads system, see the following articles:

Next steps

For more information about virtualization-based workloads, see Run Hyper-V in a Virtual Machine with Nested Virtualization.