Configure point-in-time restore settings

Point-in-time restore can be configured in a new or existing user setting. All users in groups assigned to the user setting have permission to use the point-in-time restore feature. You can configure point-in-time restore to let your enterprise users start a restore on their Cloud PC. You can also configure the system to have a different cadence for short-term restore points.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center > Devices > Windows 365 > User Settings > Add. (Alternately, you can edit an existing user setting.) Screenshot of add user setting
  2. On the Add user setting page:
    1. Type a Name.
    2. If you want the users for this setting to have local admin rights, select Enable Local admin.
    3. If you want end users to have permissions to restore their own Cloud PCs, select Allow user to initiate restore service.
    4. For Frequency of restore-point service, choose an interval for how often restore points will be created. There's a limit of 10 restore points. So a shorter frequency results in a shorter overall history of restore points.
    5. Select Next. Screenshot of the add user setting page
  3. On the Assignments page, select the groups that you want to have this setting > Next.
  4. On the Review + Create page, confirm your choices > Finish.

Users in the groups assigned to this user setting will now be able to use the point-in-time restore feature as described below.

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