ProgramData specifies the path to the program-data folder (normally C:\ProgramData). Unlike the Program Files folder, this folder can be used by applications to store data for standard users, because it does not require elevated permissions.

Warning   We don’t recommend using this setting, except perhaps in a test environment. The following are known issues:

  • Microsoft Store apps are not supported.

  • If you change the default location of the program-data folders to a volume other than the system volume, you cannot service your image. Any updates, fixes, or service packs may not be applied to the installation.

The path can be on a volume other than the system drive, as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • It must be on an NTFS volume.

  • It can’t point to a drive that has a different copy of Windows on it.

  • It can’t contain any serviceable components.



Specifies the path to the program-data folder. Path_to_program_data_folder is a string with a maximum length of 259 characters.

This string type does not support empty elements. Do not create an empty value for this setting.

Valid Configuration Passes


Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup | FolderLocations | ProgramData

Applies To

For a list of the Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup.

XML Example

The following XML example shows how to set the paths to folder locations.