EnableEncryption specifies whether the Microsoft ReadyBoost™ cache uses encryption.

Enabling encryption can improve system security, especially on a shared computer.

Disabling encryption can improve system performance and decrease battery consumption.

This setting affects only internal (non-removable) devices. External devices are automatically configured with encryption to prevent data theft from a lost or stolen device.

Note   Administrators can use Group Policy to ensure ReadyBoost devices are encrypted. For more information, see the MSDN topic: Group Policy.



Specifies that the ReadyBoost cache uses encryption.

This is the default value.


Specifies that the ReadyBoost cache does not use encryption.

Parent Hierarchy

microsoft-windows-systemmaintenanceservice- | CacheList | Cache | EnableEncryption

Valid Configuration Passes


Applies To

For a list of the supported Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see microsoft-windows-systemmaintenanceservice-.

XML Example

The following XML output example shows a configuration of two ReadyBoost devices. On this sample system, the first device does not use encryption, while the second device uses encryption.