Precision Touchpad Implementation Guide

This section is an implementation guide for a Windows Precision Touchpad device, for Windows 10 and later operating systems.

The information includes guidance on using the Human Interface Device (HID) protocol to communicate with a Windows host.

In this section

Topic Description

Device Bus Connectivity

This topic discusses bus connectivity methods for a Windows Precision Touchpad device.

Power Management

This topic provides information about power management for a Windows Precision Touchpad device, and also discusses power consumption requirements.

Protocol Implementation

This section provides guidelines for implementing the communication protocol that is used by Windows Precision Touchpad devices.

Experience Customization

This topic provides design and testing guidelines for experience customization for Windows Precision Touchpad devices on Windows 10 and later operating systems.

Device Integration

This topic discusses the considerations and requirements for integrating a Windows Precision Touchpad device into a host system.

Module Design for HLK Requirements

This topic provides guidance for designing the modules of a Windows Precision Touchpad device, to meet the requirements of the Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK).

Enable, Disable Toggle Button

Windows Precision Touchpad devices (or legacy touchpad devices that were configured for enable/disable control in Windows 8.1), can have their enable/disable state toggled via a hardware button, or a keyboard combination.

Tuning capabilities

This topic provides guidelines for adjusting the default touchpad experience on a Windows-based device