Hardware requirements and vendor information

This topic provides a list of the test equipment that is required for the touch-related tests in the Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK), and information about the vendors who stock the listed equipment.

Here's a list of all the required test equipment for completing the Precision Touchpad Tests in the HLK. The images, instructions and examples in the Precision Touchpad Tests are based on the original TRIEX tools, but you should be able to run all the tests successfully on TRIEX, Tactile Automation, and ITRI tools and hardware.

Precision touch test tool (PT3)

You can use either one of these tools for precision touch testing.

  • TRIEX/Tactile Precision Touch Test Tool (PT3)
  • ITRI Precision Touch Test Tool (PT3)

Additionally, Tactile Automation provides an automated solution (TakTouch 1000) which can pass all PTP tests requiring the use of the PT3. For more information, contact Tactile Automation at the contact info below or visit their website.

Rotation and Acoustic (RA) tool

You can use either one of these tools for RA testing:

  • TRIEX/Tactile RA Tool
  • ITRI RA Tool

Contacts for Tactile and ITRI

  • Tactile Automation, Inc.

    Emery Parks
    +1 (425) 310-8380

  • Industrial Technology Research Institute

    Sen Yih Chou
    +886 (03) 5743887