Integrating Ambient Light Sensors with Computers Running Windows 10 Creators Update

Last updated:

  • Mar 25, 2019

Applies to:

  • Windows 10

This paper provides information about ambient light sensor (ALS) and adaptive brightness features in the Windows 10 operating system. It provides guidelines for hardware manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate ALS hardware with computers that use the adaptive brightness feature and with applications that use light sensor data.

File name: integrating-ambient-light-sensors-with-windows-10.docx


Microsoft Word file

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Included in this white paper:

  • Light Sensor Features
  • Ambient Light Sensor Integration Checklist
  • Ambient Light Sensor Calibration
  • Understanding Adaptive Brightness Support in Windows 10 Creator's Update
  • Types of Light Sensors
  • Integrating Light Sensors with Device Hardware
  • Optimizing Display Brightness Steps and Transitions
  • Tuning and Configuring Adaptive Brightness Behavior
  • Defining a Custom Ambient Light Response (ALR) Curve in the Registry