Driver package metadata

The driver metadata package is a file associated with a submission. The metadata package contains details about each INF file in a driver package or bundle. This file can be downloaded by using the Get a submission method. The file is available in the Link object of the submission with the rel - driverMetadata.

If you are the publisher and recieved the submission via sharing you may need to run the Create Publisher Metadata method to generate the driver metadata for that submission.

Driver Metadata structure

  "BundleInfoMap": {
    "dc3b111e-c750-4a55-96ce-0eae1d1da8a2": {
      "Locales": [
      "InfInfoMap": {
        "foo_bar.inf": {
          "DriverPackageFamilyId": "RAID-foo_bar.inf",
          "InfClass": "SCSIAdapter",
          "DriverVersion": "",
          "DriverDate": "2018-01-11T00:00:00",
          "ExtensionId": null,
          "Provider": "RAID",
          "ClassGuid": "{a43418dc-cfc9-42e1-85b0-2d644331e214}",
          "InstallationComputerHardwareIds": [
          "OSPnPInfoMap": {
            "WINDOWS_v100_RS3_FULL": {
              "pci\\ven_test&dev_abcd": {
                "Manufacturer": "RAID",
                "DeviceDescription": "Virtual Raid Adapter",
                "FeatureScore": null

The file has the following values:

Value Type Description
BundleInfoMap object This is the parent. It is identified by a GUID and contains all the details about the driver bundle. This value maps to the bundleID in the Hardware ID object
Locales array of strings Array of applicable locales for the bundle
InfInfoMap array of objects Array that describes each INF file within the bundle. The identifier of each item is the INF file name. The INF name maps to the infID in the Hardware ID object.
DriverPackageFamilyId string ID of the driver package family
InfClass string The device class or INF class of the driver
DriverVersion string The version of the driver
DriverDate datetime The date and time for this driver
ExtensionId GUID Applicable for Extension INFs. A GUID that represents the Extension ID for this INF
Provider string The provider for this driver
ClassGuid string Class GUID of the driver
InstallationComputerHardwareIds array of GUIDs List of CHIDs to which this driver can be targeted
OSPnPInfoMap array of objects Array of objects which maps an operating system to hardware IDs. The object has a base element, which is the operating system. Inside each operating system is a list of PNP or Hardware IDs along with details. The operating system maps to operatingSystemCode in the Hardware ID object and the hardware ID maps to the pnpString
Manufacturer string Manufacturer of the hardware ID
DeviceDescription string Description of the hardware ID
FeatureScore string Feature score for the driver

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