Share a driver with a partner

To share a driver with one of your partners, create a hardware submission and follow the steps below.

Note  Shared drivers can only be shared by the organization that originally created it. An organization that receives a shared driver cannot share it again.

  1. Search the hardware submission that contains the driver you want to share.

  2. Go to the Distribution section of the hardware submission and select New shipping label.

    screenshot that shows new shipping label button.

  3. On the shipping label page, go to the Details section and enter a name for the shipping label in the Shipping label name field. This name is private and will not be visible by your partner. The name allows you to organize and search for your shipping labels.

    screenshot that shows label name and properties.

  4. In the Properties section, complete the following information:

    Field Description


    Select Send to another Partner to share your driver with a partner. If you want to create a shipping label for Windows Update, see Publish a driver to Windows Update.

    Who is publishing?

    Search for the company name of your partner, and select it.

    Required CHID targeting by receiver

    This option forces your partner to apply CHIDs to any publication requests they create based on your driver. This allows you to protect your users when a Hardware ID may be shared among many partner companies.

  5. In the Targeting section, select the driver package that you want to share.

    screenshot that shows publish targeting settings.

  6. After you select your driver package, the Select PNPs grid becomes available. You can search for a specific hardware ID or operating system by using the search box above the list of hardware IDs. Your partner is limited to the hardware ID values you share for any publications they create.

    • To target all listed hardware IDs, select Share All.

    • To target specific hardware IDs, find each desired hardware ID and select Share.

    • If you targeted all hardware IDs and want to remove them, select Revoke All.

    • To remove targeting for specific hardware IDs, find each hardware ID and select Revoke.

  7. Select Publish at the very bottom to finalize the sharing of the driver. If you do not want to publish the shipping label right now, you can select Save. You can publish the shipping label later by either opening the shipping label and selecting Publish, or you can select Publish all pending from the hardware submission page. Note that selecting Publish all pending will publish all unpublished shipping labels.

Revoke/Revoke All:

Revoking a hardware ID from a shared shipping label will do the following.

  1. The existing Submission ID on the receiver's end will be deprecated.

  2. A new Private Product ID and Submission ID with the adjusted hardware IDs will be shared with your partner. This new entity will have the same Shared Product ID. If you selected Revoke All then all hardware IDs would be removed.

  3. When your partner tries to create a NEW shipping label for Windows Update, their list of available hardware IDs will reflect your changes and only list those hardware IDs you have shared. In the Revoke All case, their hardware ID grid would be empty.


If your partner has already published their shared shipping labels to Windows Update, revoking a hardware ID does not remove their existing item from the Windows Update Catalog. It remains published until that partner expires it.

Existing shipping labels created by your partner are only allowed to expire content on a deprecated shipping label.

The signed driver and DUA Shell packages from a deprecated shipping label can still be downloaded by your partner.

Sharing and revoking a hardware ID does not modify your original INF.