Windows Compatible Products List

The Windows Compatible Products List is a comprehensive list of certified devices and systems. The Windows Compatible Products list has the following features and restrictions:

  • You can find devices and systems by filtering the list or by running a search for a specific product name.
  • You can search across all certified devices and systems for the entire catalog.
  • If you need an OEM system report for RFPs, you can search for the product/marketing name and receive a verification report, which you can download.
  • The Compatible Products List displays Declarative & Universal status for all Device Classes.


System search does not support the D & U status field. Therefore, you must set the D & U Status search field dropdown to All to see system results.

Searching for Marketing and Product names for systems or devices

If you search using the Marketing/Product Name box, the Compatible Products List returns matches in the product name, submission name, and marketing name fields. Consider these:

  • Limit your search to plain text, without quotes or wildcards.
  • Any spaces between words are treated as AND expressions.
  • Do not use any special characters or search-limiting terms. For example, do not use (OR, AND, ””, *, ?, etc.).

Searching for a Company Name

Limit your searches to plain text, without quotes or wildcards. For example, do not use (OR, AND, ””, *, ?, etc.).

The search function will auto-complete results after you type five letters.


You may find that some companies are listed twice. This is a result of merging the previous database with Hardware Dev Center. Each entry is different, so it’s best to search using the Marketing/Product Name field.