D3DKMTQueryAdapterInfo function (d3dkmthk.h)

The D3DKMTQueryAdapterInfo function retrieves various adapter information from an adapter handle.


NTSTATUS D3DKMTQueryAdapterInfo(
  [in] const D3DKMT_QUERYADAPTERINFO *unnamedParam1


[in] unnamedParam1

See documentation of D3DKMT_QUERYADAPTERINFO structure type for more details.

Return value


D3DKMTQueryAdapterInfo returns one of the following values:

Return code Description
STATUS_SUCCESS Adapter information was successfully retrieved.
STATUS_DEVICE_REMOVED The adapter was stopped.
STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER Parameters were validated and determined to be incorrect.
STATUS_NO_MEMORY D3DKMTQueryAdapterInfo could not complete because of insufficient memory.

This function might also return other NTSTATUS values.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Target Platform Universal
Header d3dkmthk.h (include D3dkmthk.h)
Library Gdi32.lib
DLL Gdi32.dll

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