IDebugEventCallbacks::GetInterestMask method (dbgeng.h)

The GetInterestMask callback method is called to determine which events the IDebugEventCallbacks object is interested in. The engine calls GetInterestMask when the object is registered with a client by using SetEventCallbacks.


HRESULT GetInterestMask(
  [out] PULONG Mask


[out] Mask

Receives a bitmask that indicates which events the object is interested in. The engine will call only those methods that correspond to the bit flags set by GetInterestMask. For a description of the bit flags and their corresponding methods, see DEBUG_EVENT_XXX.

Return value

The return value S_OK indicates the method was successful. All other return values indicate an error occurred, in which case the SetEventCallbacks call will fail and the callback object will not be used nor will it receive events.


For more information about handling events, see Monitoring Events.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Desktop
Header dbgeng.h (include Dbgeng.h)