IDebugOutputCallbacks::Output method (dbgeng.h)

The Output callback method is called by the engine to send output from the client to the IDebugOutputCallbacks object that is registered with the client.


  [in] ULONG Mask,
  [in] PCSTR Text


[in] Mask

Specifies the DEBUG_OUTPUT_XXX bit flags that indicate the nature of the output.

[in] Text

Specifies the output that is being sent.

Return value

The return value is ignored by the engine unless it indicates a remote procedure call error; in this case the client, with which this IDebugEventCallbacks object is registered, is disabled.


The engine calls this method only if the supplied value of Mask is allowed by the client's output control.

For more information about debugger engine output, see Input and Output.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Desktop
Header dbgeng.h (include Dbgeng.h)