DXGI_DDI_ARG_PRESENT structure (dxgiddi.h)

The DXGI_DDI_ARG_PRESENT structure describes a resource to display.


typedef struct DXGI_DDI_ARG_PRESENT {
  [in] DXGI_DDI_HDEVICE            hDevice;
  [in] DXGI_DDI_HRESOURCE          hSurfaceToPresent;
  [in] UINT                        SrcSubResourceIndex;
  [in] DXGI_DDI_HRESOURCE          hDstResource;
       UINT                        DstSubResourceIndex;
  [in] void                        *pDXGIContext;
  [in] DXGI_DDI_PRESENT_FLAGS      Flags;


[in] hDevice

A handle to the display device (graphics context) on which the driver performs the presentation. The Direct3D runtime passes this handle to the driver in the hDrvDevice member of the D3D10DDIARG_CREATEDEVICE structure when the runtime calls the driver's CreateDevice(D3D10) function to create the display device.

[in] hSurfaceToPresent

A handle to the source resource to display. hSurfaceToPresent is always a valid handle for a resource to display.

[in] SrcSubResourceIndex

The zero-based index into the source resource, which the handle in the hSurfaceToPresent member specifies. The SrcSubResourceIndex index indicates the subresource or surface to display.

[in] hDstResource

A handle to the destination resource to display to. hDstResource can be NULL if the destination is unknown; kernel mode will determine the destination just before sending the hardware command stream through DMA to the graphics processor.


[in] The zero-based index into the destination resource, which the handle in the hDstResource member specifies. The DstSubResourceIndex index indicates the subresource or surface to display to.

[in] pDXGIContext

A handle to the DXGI context. This handle is opaque to the driver. The driver must pass the handle in this member as the pDXGIContext member of the DXGIDDICB_PRESENT structure when the driver calls the pfnPresentCbDXGI function.

[in] Flags

A DXGI_DDI_PRESENT_FLAGS structure that identifies, in bit-field flags, how to perform the present operation.

[in] FlipInterval

A DXGI_DDI_FLIP_INTERVAL_TYPE-typed value that indicates the flip interval (that is, if the flip occurs after zero, one, two, three, or four vertical syncs).


Minimum supported client Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems.
Header dxgiddi.h (include D3d10umddi.h)

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