HidP_UsageAndPageListDifference function (hidpi.h)

The HidP_UsageAndPageListDifference function returns the difference between two lists of usages, as might be returned from HidP_GetUsages. In other words, it returns a list of usages that are in the current list but not the previous list as well as a list of usages that are in the previous list but not the current list.


NTSTATUS HidP_UsageAndPageListDifference(
  [in, reads]   PUSAGE_AND_PAGE PreviousUsageList,
  [in, reads]   PUSAGE_AND_PAGE CurrentUsageList,
  [out, writes] PUSAGE_AND_PAGE BreakUsageList,
  [out, writes] PUSAGE_AND_PAGE MakeUsageList,
  [in]          ULONG           UsageListLength


[in, reads] PreviousUsageList

The list of usages before.

[in, reads] CurrentUsageList

The list of usages now.

[out, writes] BreakUsageList

PreviousUsageList minus CurrentUsageList

[out, writes] MakeUsageList

CurrentUsageList minus PreviousUsageList

[in] UsageListLength

Represents the length of the usage lists in array elements. If comparing two lists with a differing number of array elements, this value is the size of the larger of the two lists. Any zero found with a list indicates an early termination of the list and any usages found after the first zero are ignored.

Return value

HidP_UsageAndPageListDifference returns HIDP_STATUS_SUCCESS if the call was successful. Otherwise, it returns an NTSTATUS error code.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header hidpi.h