NdisMCmModifyCallQoSComplete macro (ndis.h)

NdisMCmModifyCallQoSComplete indicates the completion of the client's request, for which the MCM driver previously returned NDIS_STATUS_PENDING, to modify the quality of service on a VC.


void NdisMCmModifyCallQoSComplete(



Specifies the final status of the client's request to modify the QoS on this VC, either NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS or any caller-determined NDIS_STATUS_XXXexcept NDIS_STATUS_PENDING.


Specifies the handle to the VC, obtained from the per-VC state designated by the CallMgrVcContext passed in to the MCM driver's ProtocolCmModifyCallQoS function for this request.


Pointer to a structure of type CO_CALL_PARAMETERS specifying a QoS acceptable to the MCM driver if Status is set to NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS.

Return value



A call to NdisMCmModifyCallQoSComplete causes NDIS to call the client's ProtocolClModifyCallQoSComplete function.

The MCM driver should call NdisMCmActivateVc whenever it makes changes in the call parameters on an active VC.

Because the MCM driver can modify the client-supplied call parameters that were input to its ProtocolCmModifyCallQoS function before it calls NdisMCmModifyCallQoSComplete, the client's ProtocolClModifyCallQoSComplete function examines the QoS to determine whether it is acceptable to the client. ProtocolClModifyCallQoSComplete simply returns control if the client accepts the given call parameters. Otherwise, the client tears down the call.

Only connection-oriented miniport drivers that provide integrated call-management support can call NdisMCmModifyCallQoSComplete. Stand-alone call managers, which register themselves with NDIS as protocol drivers, call NdisCmModifyCallQoSComplete instead.


Minimum supported client Supported for NDIS 6.0 and NDIS 5.1 drivers (see NdisMCmModifyCallQoSComplete (NDIS 5.1)) in Windows Vista. Supported for NDIS 5.1 drivers (see NdisMCmModifyCallQoSComplete (NDIS 5.1)) in Windows XP.
Target Platform Desktop
Header ndis.h (include Ndis.h)
DDI compliance rules Irql_MCM_Function(ndis)

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