FsRtlLookupPerFileObjectContext function (ntifs.h)

For a "legacy" file system filter driver, the FsRtlLookupPerFileObjectContext function retrieves context information previously associated with a file object.


  [in]           PFILE_OBJECT FileObject,
  [in, optional] PVOID        OwnerId,
  [in, optional] PVOID        InstanceId


[in] FileObject

A pointer to a file object for which to query context information.

[in, optional] OwnerId

A pointer to a caller-allocated variable that uniquely identifies the owning filter of the per-file-object context structure. The format of this variable is filter-driver-specific.

[in, optional] InstanceId

A pointer to a caller-allocated variable that can be used to distinguish among per-file-object context structures created by the same filter driver. The format of this variable is filter-driver-specific. This parameter is optional and can be NULL.

Return value

FsRtlLookupPerFileObjectContext returns a pointer to the first matching per-file-object context that is found. If no match is found, FsRtlLookupPerFileObjectContext returns NULL.


A "legacy" file system filter driver calls FsRtlLookupPerFileObjectContext to retrieve its per-file-object context structure for a file object. The context structure contains context information that the filter driver maintains for the file object. This context structure must have previously been associated with the file object by calling the FsRtlInsertPerFileObjectContext function.

If the FSRTL_PER_FILEOBJECT_CONTEXT structure is embedded in a filter defined per-file-object context structure, the CONTAINING_RECORD macro can be used to obtain a pointer to the head of the filter-defined structure.

To initialize a per-file-object context structure, use the FsRtlInitPerFileObjectContext macro.

To associate an initialized per-file-object context structure with a file object, use the FsRtlInsertPerFileObjectContext function.

To remove a per-file-object context structure that is associated with a file object, use the FsRtlRemovePerFileObjectContext function.

Note  File system minifilter drivers must not use the FsRtlXxxPerFileObjectContext functions. Instead, minifilters can use the FltXxxContext functions to associate context information with a file object. For a complete list, see the FSRTL_PER_FILEOBJECT_CONTEXT topic.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Target Platform Universal
Header ntifs.h (include Fltkernel.h, Ntifs.h)
Library NtosKrnl.lib
DLL NtosKrnl.exe

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