NFS_OPEN_ECP_CONTEXT structure (ntifs.h)

The NFS_OPEN_ECP_CONTEXT structure is used by the Network File System (NFS) server to open files in response to client requests.


typedef struct _NFS_OPEN_ECP_CONTEXT {
  PUNICODE_STRING       ExportAlias;
  PSOCKADDR_STORAGE_NFS ClientSocketAddress;



A pointer to a UNICODE_STRING structure that supplies the export alias (share name) for the NFS server that contains the files to be opened. This member is a hint and can be a name, NULL, or a zero-length string.


A pointer to a SOCKADDR_STORAGE structure that specifies the transport address of the client computer. This client originates the open file request.


The file-system stack can determine whether NFS_OPEN_ECP_CONTEXT is attached to the create file request. The file-system stack can then use the information in NFS_OPEN_ECP_CONTEXT to determine the client that requested that the file be opened and why it was requested. For information about how to retrieve the NFS_OPEN_ECP_CONTEXT extra information that is attached to a create file request, see Retrieving ECPs.

The NFS_OPEN_ECP_CONTEXT structure is read-only. You should use it to retrieve information about the open file ECP only. For more information about this issue, see System-Defined ECPs.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client This structure is available starting with Windows 7.
Header ntifs.h (include Ntifs.h)

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