NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER structure (ndis/objectheader.h)

The NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER structure packages the object type, version, and size information that is required in many NDIS 6.0 structures.


typedef struct _NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER {
  UCHAR  Type;
  UCHAR  Revision;
  USHORT Size;



The type of NDIS object that a structure describes. Use this member to identify the type of structure in a memory dump.


The revision number of the structure. Every NDIS structure that has an NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER member has a revision number that applies to the NDIS structure exclusively. This allows NDIS drivers to support multiple versions of the same structure. For example, a driver can check the Revision member value at run time and use the appropriate version of the structure.


The total size, in bytes, of the NDIS object structure that includes the NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER member. This size includes the size of the NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER member and the other members of the structure.


The reference page for every structure, that has an NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER structure as a member, defines values for the Type, Revision, and Size members for that structure.


Minimum supported client Supported in NDIS 6.0 and later.
Header ndis/objectheader.h (include ndis.h)