PEP_WORK_IDLE_STATE structure (pep_x.h)

The PEP_WORK_IDLE_STATE structure contains a request to transition a component to an Fx power state.


typedef struct _PEP_WORK_IDLE_STATE {
       POHANDLE DeviceHandle;
  [in] ULONG    Component;
       ULONG    State;



A handle that represents the registration of the device with the Windows power management framework (PoFx). A POHANDLE value that represents the registration of the device with PoFx. The platform extension plug-in (PEP) previously received this handle from PoFx during the PEP_DPM_REGISTER_DEVICE notification that informed the PEP that the device's driver stack registered the device with PoFx.

[in] Component

The index that identifies the component. This member is an index into the Components array in the PEP_DEVICE_REGISTER_V2 structure that the PEP previously supplied in response to the PEP_DPM_REGISTER_DEVICE notification for this device. If the Components array contains N elements, component indexes range from 0 to N–1.


The target Fx power state to transition the component to. If this parameter is 0, the target state is F0; if this parameter is 1, the target state is F1; and so on. For more information about Fx power states, see Component-Level Power Management.


The IdleState member of the PEP_WORK_INFORMATION structure is a PEP_WORK_IDLE_STATE structure.


Minimum supported client Supported starting with Windows 10.
Header pep_x.h (include Pepfx.h)

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